Conversations on Collaboration - Invitation

You may/may not be aware that I am part of an arts collective called Tracing The Pathway. Next week we are running a self-initiated residency in London and we are keen to have a moment during this period to meet, share and exchange with other artists interested in ideas of collaboration and group methods of sharing and producing art and performance. We would like to invite you to an evening of exchange, sharing and dialogues next week on the 19th November. TTP will cook for the invited artists and creative practitioners and curate an evening of conversations, invitations and provocations to explore amongst this interdisciplinary group of people. The focus of the meal is to break bread together, enjoy a glass of wine but equally to discuss and challenge notions of artistic identity and creative methodologies when working in collaboration. The evening will unravel to examine the scene of the conversation in a domestic/work environment and the urban site that it resides within, to see where the lines between private and public blur, the distinctions between the acts of making and not-making, doing and creating intersect really matter as we produce art.

The meal will take place from 7pm and we request that you just bring your lovely selves and a willingness to share.

Image Credit: © Mira Leow