Tracing the Pathway is an artist-led collective that explore the relationships between body, site and encounter. As artists, curators, and researchers, they produce site or situation-specific interdisciplinary artworks. Their work develops microcosmic worlds as catalysts for exploration and exchange. Their processes are soft, processual and organic, developing a practice that is always open-ended and subject to change. 

Tracing the Pathway is made up of the artists Mads Floor Andersen, Cara Davies and Ashleigh Griffith.

This website is currently under reconstruction, but please do contact us if you have any specific questions.

The website for Nomadic Arts Festival can be found here.

Our current project is Groundwork.

For an overview of our past projects please download a copy of our c.v.

Groundwork is a performance and research project about Milton Keynes. It is multifaceted, grassroots, organic and responsive. May 2017 brings 3 new artists to Milton Keynes.

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Fluid Ecologies
Fluid Ecologies is an ongoing research project exploring social forms of knowledge exchange through the development of temporary communities, collectives and collaborations.

Tracing the Pathway run an ongoing series of dinner events to provoke conversations, exchanges and performances of knowing.

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Nomadic Arts Festival is an experimental festival focusing on diversity, connectivity and community, through performance work and creative expression.

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